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DRAKE DSR-2 Communication Receiver [40

DRAKE DSR-2 Communication Receiver [40
Price: US/950
Availability: Immediate

・ When a 40dBμ signal was input from SG, the meter display on the upper left of the front of the main unit was as follows.
★ 3.0MHz, 10.0MHz, 27.0MHz: 40 A little
★ 5.0MHz, 7.0MHz: Approximately 50
★ 15.0MHz: Approximately 35
★ 25.0MHz: Approximately 45
・ The following audio was confirmed when the antenna was connected.
★ 594kHz (NHK No. 1)
★ 693KHz (NHK No. 2)
★ 954KHz (TBS)
★ 1134KHz (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting)
★ 1242KHz (NBS)

and purchase time, the option of is unknown.
-There is no gully in the volume and silencer ..
・ A copy of the instruction manual was included so I will attach it as a bonus.
・ Because it is a used item, please forgive the scratches.
・ Please refer to the photo for details such as appearance.
-There is no smell of tobacco.
・ From the above points, please treat it as the current product.
・ Because it is a current product, we may not be able to answer based on the content of your question, but please understand that it is an inexpensive start.

* Some of the following items can be used to check operation and shoot. In that case, it will not be listed.
(Example) Handheld radio, termination power meter, SG, power supply, dummy load, cables not shown in photo, batteries, book holder, transparent file, etc.

■ The ones in the photo are all. Judge the presence and condition of the accessories in the photo.
■ We do not check the accessories in detail, therefore.

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(if ordered today)
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This is a special own stock item. When you complete your order, we will ship immediately.
Delivery time: Courier Europe 5 days, America 7 days, USA and Canada 5 days
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