Icom IC-7000 HF / VHF / UHF ALL MODE Transceiver We Ship Free Worldwide

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Icom IC-7000 HF / VHF / UHF ALL MODE Transceiver We Ship Free Worldwide

  • IC-7000 (100W) It is an exhibition of second-hand goods. It was working fine.
  • I think the degree is good,
  • Comes with a carrying handle. There are scratches on the top lid.
  • The previous owner changed the output to 50W for some reason (2019/05/08).
  • After I owned it, I changed it to 100W again (2021/05/14).
  • In each case, the repair details from the manufacturer will be attached.
  • Since I was also operating with FT8, I will attach an interface for connection.
  • ★ Attached list ★
  • 〇 Genuine microphone
  • 〇 Power cable (unused standard product + handmade 80 cm cable)
  • 〇 Instruction manual
  • 〇 CQ publisher IC7000 complete guide
  • 〇 FT8 etc. operation interface (with instruction manual)
Since it is old, please use NC / NR.
  • Thank you…. Sell As Is

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