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ICOM IC-775DX II 200W HF Transceiver Monmouth Pristine We Ship Worldwide

First Ask for Product Availability Before Buying, 09/09/2022 You can buy also on eBay → https://ebay.us/hl9AnP

ICOM IC-775DX II 200W HF Transceiver Monmouth Pristine We Ship Worldwide

  • ICOM IC-775DXII HF transceiver 100w machine.
    ★ condition
    ・Because it is a vintage item, there are some scratches and stains, but it is relatively beautiful.
    ・It was mainly used as a receiver only until recently.
    ・Transmission and reception, antenna tuner, etc. have been confirmed to work.
    ・The transmission output and reception sensitivity have not been measured because the environment is not ready.
    – Some readjustment may be required due to aging and deterioration.
    ・Transmission extension is not done.
    ・Built-in UT-66 (speech synthesis unit) and CR-282 (high stability reference oscillation crystal unit) .
    ・Currently, the voltage of the internal memory battery is 3.13V.
    ・For details, please check the photos.
    ★ exhibit
    ・IC-775DXII body
    ・AC power cable (with 3P → 2P conversion plug)
    ・In addition, a USB memory containing the instruction manual and service manual is attached.
Since it is old, please use NC / NR.
  • Thank you…. Sell As Is

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