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KENWOOD TS-590SG 100W HF / 50MHz Band All-mode Transceiver NEW in BOX We Ship Worldwide

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KENWOOD TS-590SG 100W HF / 50MHz Band All-mode Transceiver NEW in BOX We Ship Worldwide

  • NEW
    Production lot April 2022 New
    Product overview
    The “TS-590 G series” was born by further refining the basic performance of Kenwood’s high-performance HF machine “TS-590”.
    It is a new generation high-performance HF machine that meets DX’er’s expectations at a high level, such as a receiving circuit configuration that makes full use of the performance of the roofing filter, and optimal IF AGC control realized by advanced DSP technology.
    Basic performance and functions further evolved from TS-590.
    ■ Reception performance that boasts even higher performance. Excellent proximity dynamic range characteristics.
    ■ Advanced AGC control by digital signal processing from the IF stage.
    ■ Highly reliable transmitter that emits high-quality radio waves.
    ■ Equipped with a new Morse code decoder. 13 Scroll display on the segment display.
     In ARCP-590G, the character string is displayed in a dedicated window.
    ■ Programmable function functions
     can be set to the MULTI / CH knob (with push switch) and RIT / XIT / CL keys in addition to the conventional PF A and PF B.
    ■ In addition to the conventional split setting, a new split function (TS-990 method) that allows quick setting has also been added.
    ■ The send / receive equalizer can be set for each mode.
    ■ FIL A / B can be set independently for VFO A / B (convenient for split operation).
    ■ For DATA PTT, front or rear PTT can be selected.
    ■ Variable reception bandwidth in SSB mode can be switched from HI CUT / LO CUT to WIDTH / SHIFT.
    ■ The DRV connector can be switched to the antenna output function (convenient for connecting an external receiver).
    ■ Large display with excellent visibility.
     The LED backlight can be set in 10 levels from amber to green.
    ■ Speech processor that can be set independently for microphone transmission and voice message transmission.
    ■ Expanded the volume setting range for transmission monitor, CW side tone, etc. to 20 steps. Supports more detailed settings.
    ■ In addition to the conventional toggle operation, the TX tuning function also adds an operation while pressing.
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