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ACOM 700S Solid State HF + 6 Meter Amplifiers

$ 3,450.00

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  • ACOM 700S Solid State 1.8-54 MHz Linear Amplifiers

    ACOM 700S Solid State 1.8-54 MHz Linear Amplifiers are state-of-the art amplifiers that cover all amateur bands from 160 through 6 Meters.

    These amps provide 700 W output power (PEP SSB or CW modes). Working parameters of the amplifier are indicated on a multi-function, high-resolution 5 inch color display. Amplifier control is accomplished with only six buttons on the front panel or directly by CAT interface from the transceiver or remotely by RS232 interface.

    ACOM 700S amplifiers are compatible with all transceiver models available on the market. The broadband input matches to the transceiver with low SWR over the entire range of 1.8-54 MHz.

    Full output operation only requires a maximum of 40 watts drive and the typical “ground on transmit” (PTT) keying with no special signals required. The overall operation of ACOM 700S amplifiers is extremely simplified. Screen menus are intuitive and easy to follow and no special skill is required from the operator when changing frequency bands. The amplifier monitors the frequency of the input signal through the built-in frequency counter and automatically switches bands. A band data or CAT interface connection from the transceiver is NOT required for automatic band changing.

    These amplifiers take care of themselves during operation, due to the continuously-working protection circuits in all modes. The operator can digitally monitor more than 10 parameters concerning the working conditions of the amplifier. Detailed data (55 parameters) about each of the last 28 hard-fault protection trips is stored in the amplifier’s nonvolatile memory.

    ACOM 700S amplifiers are perfect for DXpeditions and field operation. They are extremely compact and employ light-weight construction thanks to the built-in switching-mode power supply. They operate on an extended mains voltage range** (100-120VAC and 200-240VAC) by changing only the main fuses – no internal switching is required. Please read the SPECIAL NOTE at the end of the specifications.

    ACOM 700S Solid State HF/6-Meter Amplifiers are among the finest and most modern linear amplifiers available anywhere in the world.

    ACOM 700S Solid State Linear Amplifier Specifications:

    * Rated output power: 700W, PEP or continuous carrier without any mode limitation
    * Intermodulation distortion (IMD3): Better than 31dB below rated PEP output
    * Harmonic and parasitic emissions suppression: Better than 60dB (65dB typical)
    * Input and output impedances: SO-239 UHF female connectors; 50 ohm unbalanced output;
    * Input circuit: broadband, SWR below 1.2:1, 1.8 to 54 MHz continuous without retuning or switching
    * RF power gain: 14dB +/- 1dB
    * Complies with US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and the EU safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility standards
    * Temperature range: 14 degrees F to 104 F (-10 C to +40 C)
    * Relative humidity: up to 95 percent at 95 F (35 C)
    * Dimensions (WHD): 12.8 x 5.6 x 14.2 in. (326 x 143x 365 mm)
    * Weight: 26 lbs. (11.8 kg)

    **Mains supply voltage: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, single phase, automatic switching supply; no internal change required for either mains voltage; European style 5x20mm fuses rated for 250VAC for correspond mains: 10A fuses for operation from 200-240VAC, 16À fuses for operation from 100-120VAC.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Due to power efficiency the use of 240 Vac service is highly recommended.
    -AOM-700S-240 is pre-wired with NEMA 6-15P USA plug for 240 volt operation.
    – AOM-700S-120 is pre-wired with NEMA 5-15P for 120 volt operation.
    – AOM-700S has NO PLUG; order this model to wire your own AC plug for either voltage.
    * AC load: 1,350VA or less with a power factor of 0.95 or higher
    * AC load in Low Energy (standby) mode: less than 1VA

Additional information


ACOM 600S specifications

a) Standard frequency coverage (*):
1.800 – 2.000 MHz
3.500 – 4.000 MHz
7.000 – 7.300 MHz.
10.100 – 10.150 MHz
14.000 – 14.350 MHz
18.068 – 18.168 MHz
21.000 – 21.450 MHz
24.890 – 24.990 MHz
28.000 – 29.700 MHz
50.000 – 54.000 MHz
(*) Extensions or changes of the frequency coverage are possible after negotiations
with the manufacturer.
b) Rated output power: 600W +/-0.5dB, PEP or continuous carrier, without mode limitation.
c) Intermodulation distortions (IMD3): better than 28dB (30dB typically) below the rated PEP output.
d) Harmonic and parasitic emissions output suppression: better than 60dB (65dB typically).
e) Input and output impedances:
– nominal value: 50 Ohm unbalanced, UHF (SO239) type connectors;
– input circuit: broadband, SWR below 1.2:1 (1.1:1 typically); 1.8 – 54 MHz continuous range without
retuning or switching;
– RF by-pass path SWR – below 1.1:1, 1.8-54 MHz;
– admissible SWR at the output load (the antenna): up to 3:1 with proportional power reduction and up
to 1.5:1 for full output power;
f) RF power gain: 14dB +/-1dB (typically 25W for 600W output power);
g) Mains power supply voltage: 85-132V with 10А main fuses and 170-265V with 6.3А main fuses, 45-
66Hz, single phase;
h) Mains power consumption at full output power: 1500VA or less with a power factor of 0.95 or higher;
i) Mains power consumption in Low Energy (waiting) mode: less than 1VA;
j) Complies with EU safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility standards, as well as with the
US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules;
k) Environment working conditions:
– temperature range: -10ºC to +40ºC (14ºF to 104ºF);
– relative air humidity: up to 95% @ 35ºC (95ºF);

l) Dimensions (projections not included) and weight, operating: (W x H x D) 330 x 165 x 380 mm (13 x 6.5
x 15 In); 12 kg (26.5 Lbs).

a) Receive / transmit control:
– KEY-IN input – type Phono (RCA) jack socket; voltage fed to the open transceiver key: not exceeding
+12.6V; current through the closed transceiver key: not exceeding 6mA;
– not obligatory KEY-OUT output – type Phono (RCA) jack socket; output resistance: not more than 120
Ohm; maximum admissible input voltage from the transceiver (across an open KEY-OUT output):
+50V; maximum admissible current through a closed KEY-OUT output: 20mA;
– minimum dead time, necessary for safe amplifier switching from receive to transmit: 10ms between
transmit request at the KEY-IN input jack and the RF drive appearance at the RF INPUT connector.
b) Frequency control directly from CAT interface of the transceiver – connector CAT/AUX (connector type
c) Remote control through RS232 interface (connector type DB-9).
d) Remote turn on through simultaneous activation of the signals DSR/DTR and CTS/RTS on the RS232
(type DB-9) connector.
e) Remote turn on / turn off line – “ON_RMT” input on the CAT/AUX (DB-15) connector; DC voltage pulse:
+4.5 to +15V DC towards ground for 1-2s; input current: 3mA maximum.

Storage and shipment
a) Environment conditions for storage and shipment:
– temperature range: -40ºC to +70ºC (-40ºF to 158ºF);
– relative air humidity: up to 75% @ 35ºC (95ºF);
– above sea-level: up to 12000m, including the luggage compartment of aircraft.
b) Dimensions and weight at transportation (max): (W x H x D) 480 x 280 x 440 mm (18.9 x 11 x 17.3 In);
14.5kg (32 Lbs).