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Surge Protection DM-1500 was designed to protect equipment operating with voltages up to 15.5 volts. Its use is of great value installed between the power supply and the load to be protected, regardless of whether the generating source is a linear source, a switching source or even in the car or truck. EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION: – 2 4mm cables to which are connected to the power supply. – 2 banana terminals for output. – 1 LED indicator with 2 colors, green OK, red OVERVOLTAGE. – 1 internal audible alarm for overvoltage warning. – Supports current up to 35 amps. – Dimension: 42mm height, 74mm width, 115mm length in ABS. OPERATIONAL DESCRIPTION: The operation of the DM-1500 is quite simple. Powered at the correct voltage, the DM-1500 will light the green LED, reporting that the voltage is below 15.5 volts and leaving the output powered with the voltage coming from the generator source that powers it. If the voltage rises and exceeds the value of 15.5 volts, the circuit will enter EMERGENCY mode, activating the audible alarm, turning off the output and changing the color of the LED to RED. The circuit supports a voltage of up to 25 volts, which suggests that you turn off the power as soon as possible to avoid further wear on the protection system. ACCOMPANYING THE PRODUCT: – DM-1500 SURGE PROTECTION


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