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COLLINS 75S-3B Later Round Mark Beauty Products From Collector Used Working *FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

$ 2,400.00 $ 1,800.00

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From the collection room exhibition  COLLINS  beauty products operation goods  75S3B  receiver is We are proud that we have enough collection quality .

Overall better with individuals with late round marks

You can see the serial number and VFO unit MCN number in the image (B type late model)

One mechanical filter is built-in Model: F455 FA 21 6940 SSB Wise 2.1Khz

There are some scratches, but overall it is beautiful for the times

The dial also rotates lightly with Collins’ unique charity, and there is no uneven rotation.

Appearance has no flaws and noticeable scratches such as case, grille, front panel, meter, knobs

I’m going to keep it carefully, sometimes using and handling it carefully  

The accessory is an AC cord (coating has been repaired in two places with a coagulant)  

** The interior is generally shiny. There is no large rust in the transformer. Cleaning is necessary, but the silky line on the chassis is also solid. Many COLLINS have been touched. However, the S-line is the last one in the collection room. COLLINS should have a good individual in the state. The S-line of the degree is not good because the shack cry. No, please disappoint it as a pretty good one among those at that time

** The image is a thing that received a 7Mhz pile-up this evening, antenna is strong wind It is a thing that is being received with a few meters of copper wire that was damaged by a strong force I felt strong songs in S9 After that, it is not in the image, but it is released overseas such as Beijing broadcast on the upper 7Mhz The was received at the AM S9 + then was around 30db, was a carefully packing

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