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CUBIC Scarce R-3030A Broadband Receiver Used *FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

$ 2,800.00 $ 2,350.00

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Cubic R-3030A, which is difficult to obtain now (dual receiver and 2 receivers of 5k-30MHz), is a completely independent type.
Various functions such as BW selection, BFO variable, filter variable (like IF shift), memory, scan, etc. are attractive, but usability does not go like the latest equipment, is it interested?
Accessories other than the body
① own power cord
② operation and maintenance manual 1 book (in English) with circuit diagram (is for however R2307: content is probably equivalent)
or more
long-term article in custody, both in just before the power is turned on It is possible to receive without problems, so please be aware that there are places where the contact is bad because it is old.
It’s not difficult to operate, but it requires “knack”. Please read the manual carefully.
Since it is for racks, there is no case, the case has some scratches, etc. Also, since all functions etc. have not been confirmed complete.
I am waiting for the bid of those who can acknowledge a no claim and a no return. Thank you for your consideration.
There is weight, the body size is about W47 D56 H13. 

Thank you.

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