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ICOM IC-AT100 HF Band Full Automatic Antenna Tuner 200W PEP

$ 300.00 $ 290.00

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ICOM HF FULL AUTO ANTENNA TUNER IC-AT100 HF band full automatic antenna tuner 
200W PEP is used. 
It worked without problems. 
● The antenna terminal has been changed from the factory setting. 
A jumper is attached from ANT1 to ANT2 and ANT3, and 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, and 28MHz can be used with a single antenna. 
If it is inconvenient, please change according to the successful bidder’s antenna environment. 
● As shown in the picture, there are scratches, disappearance of OFF, one place without screws, panel deformation, etc. 
● There may be other shortcomings that you may not notice, but it is a used product. 
● Shipment is only the main body, power cable, manual (copy). 
● Protected in a reusable cardboard box (size 100cm) with cushioning material, etc. and shipped within 10kg.