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Kenwood TS-60S 50MHz Band All Mode Transceiver 120W Used

$ 480.00 $ 470.00

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These radios have been given on consignment, their prices may vary, offers are accepted.
You just have to ask for one of them and we will send you the characteristics, photos and price of the equipment.
We dispatch from our Tokyo wineries for the entire world via EMS Japan Post. We help with the invoice for your taxes


Escribamos en el contact form debajo con el numero del articulo de su interes

Estos radios han sido dados en consignación, sus precios pueden variar, se aceptan ofertas.
Solo tiene que preguntar por alguno de ellos y nosotros le enviamos las características , fotos y precio del equipo.
Despachamos desde nuestras bodegas de Tokyo para todo el mundo via EMS Japan Post. Ayudamos con la factura para sus taxes


Exhibited Rockwell Collins (Rockwell Collins) HF-2050 receiver and set of 312E-1 speaker are all good operation, beautiful goods.
The input voltage has been changed to the domestic 100V specification for the function . Other quantitative values ​​cannot be measured, but the operation is as good as the current model. I think that appearance is a beautiful article personally, but please judge it with reference to a photograph.
Accessories include a copy English instruction manual (with circuit diagram) and a power cable.

Sending and receiving confirmation.

120W is output in transmission power, SSB, CW, and FM modes.
The output has been remodeled.

AM mode, 35W (rated 20W) out.

It is in good condition with no external appearance or noticeable scratches.
There are some minor abrasions.

Accessories are microphone, power cable, manual copy,

Carrying handle (installed).

Any Information about this radios please write us, make your offer

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