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LOWE HF-225 Scarce Europa Version Communication Receiver *FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

$ 1,200.00 $ 1,050.00

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LOWE HF-225 Europa European version Communication receiver Receiver

Description of item This item will be used.
There are scratches and dirt for second-hand goods.

Confirmed that the power was turned on Confirmed reception of medium wave broadcasting (NHK 1 / 594KHz, NHK 2 / 693KHz, AFN / 810KHz, TBS / 954KHz, Culture Broadcasting / 1134KHz, Nippon Broadcasting / 2422KHz) Frequency variable range : 30KHz ~ 29.999MHz (display only confirmation)
TONE variable confirmation ,RF ATTEN confirmation ,FILTER SELECT confirmation (7K, 4.5K, 3.5K.2.2K) MHz UP / DOWN confirmation MODE switching confirmation squelch level variable confirmation (FM mode only)

Accessories Is everything in the image.
Since it becomes a used product, there may be a feeling of use, such as a crack and dirt.

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