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Ultra-Rare! YAESU FT-901 line CW / RTTY Master YR-901 + YK-901 Working *FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

$ 750.00 $ 520.00

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Super rare super rare!  Collection quality from collection rooms
A set of YAESU YR-901 and YK-901
I think that you know how, but, CW  RTTY  CODE   MASTER  and  KEY   BOARD is
As you can see, the state seems to be a beauty item beyond the times.
Currently, the receiver (transceiver) is not in the lead test of receiving FT-901D, etc. under exhibition / packed, but video out by transmission from the keyboard is OK as shown in the image ( LED display device is (It is not an exhibition) Image 9 seems to be a set at the time of transmission (However, the lamp changes from transmission to reception or is busy but it is written that it is not a malfunction) Please see the manual for details As there is a detailed explanation
The display has an output terminal for both TV and video devices.
Currently, RTTY connector of 2 – 3 with a jumper pin CW has become for
We give to those who understand the current priority 3 N Because it is a rare optional device and a working machine , please add it to the collection of OM with FT-901 series
The accessory is a manual (with circuit diagram) downloaded from YAESU  H.P.
We have set a starting price in consideration of the rareness and condition, so please consider those who are interested
** For CW and RTTY reception decoding / display only Any receiver, transceiver can be used as a reader as long as audio signals are input (display monitor or TV is required) )
Thank you.
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