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YAESU FR-50B Tube Receiver Operation Goods Used

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[Product Description] Brand, Manufacturer: YAESU
Model: FT-50B

[Product Status] Usage: We will exhibit long-term storage and storage items.
Rough adjustment of the core of IFT that is not fixed, trial operation, there was a considerable drift at first, but aging while sleeping, it gets into about several tens Hz after getting up (it feels like the ear), and the communication watch is also stressed at 7Mhz It can be reduced. (It is not a comparison with recent receivers.) It is a double super, but it can be said that it is an SSB early amateur receiver of the era of the 1st station self-excited AM receiver with BFO and PROKEN at the time.
As mentioned above, please understand that the local station is unstable for 1 to several hours, and it is not a malfunction.
Electrolytic block capacitor replacement, speaker general-purpose mounting, station-generated power 3 terminal regulator letter mounting, tracking unadjusted, frequency dial uncalibrated, bonnet (case) Unpainted as it was then
No accessories, schematic copy attached from magazine, please refer to the other images.