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SILTRONIX 1011D CB & 10 METER + DCDC + Speaker 28 MHZ Mod Free Shipping WW

First Ask for Product Availability Before Buying, 10/07/2022 You can buy also on eBay →https://ebay.us/ogIk4G

SILTRONIX 1011D CB & 10 METER + DCDC + Speaker 28 MHZ Mod Free Shipping WW

  • Details: Although it works, I prefer to sell it as a part or non-working unit because it is old equipment.
  • I sell it to collect and calibrate to the taste of the collector.
  • * Send and receive Ok
  • * Can also be used with the main unit, frequency counter, genuine speaker, and genuine DCDC (DC13.8V).
  • (*) However, please use AC100V separately for the frequency counter and fan.
  •  AC power supply, English manual
  •  The main body will be shipped in a raged original box.
  • * SWR is not included.
  • * Because it is quite old, please use a complete For Parts.
  • No claim, No returns, No refund please.
  • Thank you…. Sell As Is
Since it is old, please use NC / NR.
  • Thank you…. Sell As Is

Availability: Immediate
Handling time: 8 Days
(if ordered today)
Fast Shipping
Low Prices
Easy Returns
This is a special own stock item. When you complete your order, we will ship immediately.
Delivery time: Courier Europe 5 days, America 7 days, USA and Canada 5 days
Payments: Credit, Debit Accept Also PayPal, Zelle, Payoneer, Wise
EMAIL : cqhk1x@gmail.com




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