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TELEFUNKEN Scarce AEG SE6861 12mod. German Army Transceiver Used !!!!!SOLD…SOLD!!!!!

Video shows the quality of the equipment, it is not the one in the image, it is just an example

!!!!!!SOLD SOLD!!!!! 

TELEFUNKEN AEG SE6861 12mod. German Army Transceiver Used Pristine
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It is a frequency preset type (5ch) transceiver.
There are some scratches, but as an old one, I think it is beautiful overall. It is not a new or unused item level. There are small scratches and paint peeling.
There is no battery in the battery case. Operation was confirmed with

1.5MHz to 29.9999MHz
2W, 20W switchable
external power supply ( DC36V ).
At the BNC terminal, 20W is output at A1A. I was able to receive an amateur band.

The rating is from 1.5MHz, but I was able to receive NHK (594kHz).

The accessories are not genuine, but used items.
The handset is H-350. You can also use PTT.
With extension cord for handset.
The antenna is a loading coil base part and a rod part (AT-271).
With connectors for power supply and AUDIO.

Attach a copy of the English manual.




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