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Collins Scarce KWM-1 World’s First Transceiver Superb Working Product Masterpiece *FREE SHIPPING

Collins Scarce KWM-1 World’s First Transceiver Superb Working Product Masterpiece *FREE SHIPPING Used Collectors Memories *FREE SHIPPING
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・ Operation has been confirmed, but calibration has not been performed.
A cable to connect to the receiver is not included.
・ A copy of the instruction manual was included, so I will attach it as a bonus.
・ Because it is a used item, please forgive scratches and dirt.
・ Please check the photo for details such as appearance.
There is no tobacco odor.




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★ Super rare! Phantom masterpiece Collins Collins KWM-1 World’s first transceiver Superb working product ★

【Product Summary】
Collins KWM-1 body
・ Collins KWM-1 maintenance product, a phantom masterpiece that remains in history as the world’s first SSB transceiver
・ If you put it in the shack, you can enjoy the feeling of a big OM
・ As a collector’s item, it is in the best storage and maintenance state.
-KWM-1 in this level of preservation is a super rare item that appears once every few years or not in the world.
・ It is a museum exhibit-class individual.
・ It was released in 1957, and it is said that the production volume at that time was 1000 to 2000 units.
・ It is said that the production volume of KWM-2, which is often exhibited, is about 10 to 20 times that of KWM-1, so the rarity of KWM-1 should be noted.
-This product is an early model of the serial 100 series, and is a maniac coveted Collins feather type flying emblem.
・ Operation is as good as 80 W at 14 MHz.
・ Each knob and meter are good
-The crystal unit is equipped with a total of 10 crystal units for each band (see photo).
・ Some scratches, scratches, stains, etc. can be seen, but no noticeable scratches are seen, and it is a beautiful product in general, and it is the best product as a product 60 years ago.
・ The screws on the top plate will close, but if they are loosely tightened, they will come off, so fix the top plate with curing tape when shipping.
・ We will ship with cushioning material to protect the inside of the housing during transportation.
・ There is no tar smell (we do not smoke)

【Commodity composition】
・ Main body
・ A copy of the English manual (including the circuit diagram, etc., written)
(Note: Power supply unit is not included)