KENWOOD AT-130 HF Antenna Tuner We Ship Worldwide

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KENWOOD AT-130 HF Antenna Tuner We Ship Worldwide

  • KENWOOD AT-130 HF Antenna Tuner KENWOOD■ <Exhibit>
    ・ Main unit
    ・ DC code

    ■ <Condition>
    ・ When I checked using my radio and a 100Ω (SWR 2.0) dummy load, the SWR value dropped. I confirmed.
    -Because it is a used item, there are scratches and dirt.
    ・ Please see the photo for details such as appearance.
    -There is no tobacco odor.
    ・ From the above points, please treat it as a current product.

    Since it is old, please use NC / NR.
  • Thank you…. Sell As Is

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