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Magnabox AN / PRC-126 1986 Complete Set Used

Magnabox AN / PRC-126 1986 Complete Set Used
Price: US/980
US military radio Magnabox AN / PRC-126 1986 Elegant full set.

Not to mention the main body accessories, the special pouch that does not come out from the main body is almost unused.
● Contents
Real RT-1547 Main body
Real H-250 Handset
Real PRC Long antenna
18650 Lithium-ion battery (rechargeable battery) 8 pieces
18650 Lithium-ion battery use Battery case
18650 Lithium-ion battery Charger
Real finest radio pouch

1980-2000s It is a small military radio between divisions used up to.

Communication with PRC-6, 10, 25, 77, 117 (), 119 (), 126, 148, 152 and other PRT-4 (), PRR-9, etc. is possible.
(The () in the notation means

that it can be used for series such as A and B) Since it is a full set including a battery, it can be used immediately after it arrives.
It is small, has high performance, and has very good stability and reception sensitivity.
The antenna and handset are very easy-to-use military radios that can be used for other PRC series.

Everything inside has been adjusted, and communication with other military radios has been confirmed.
There is no problem with transmission / reception performance such as frequency, output, and tone signal.
I like the 68 and 126 series, and I collect them, and sell them after removing parts. Please be assured that it is different
from “Unknown operation, rustling sound, junk item with no guarantee of operation”
● Adjusted value
output: Rated
14.4V 50Ω 1.5W Frequency: 53MHz Set 52.9998MHz
Tone: 150Hz
Battery low voltage alarm Setting value: 11.0V
Note: The battery is dead alarm because it is set to the minimum voltage of the lithium ion battery. If it rings, charge it immediately.

The frequency can be set from 30 to 87.975MHz.
At the time of purchase, we will confirm the desired frequency.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

!! !! caution! !!
This is a used military release product, and there are always scratches, dirt, dents, rust, and broken pieces.
Please tender after understanding that it is such a used item.

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