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Military Radio PRC-77 (R / T841) We Ship Worldwide

There are equipment on consignment from Collectors outside the country, discharged and dispatched from Japan.

First Ask for Product Availability Before Buying, 25/06/2022 

Military Radio PRC-77 (R / T841) We Ship Worldwide

  • Brand, manufacturer: KEYSTONE GENERAL INC
    Model number: PRC-77 (RT-841)] S / N: 02748F
    Color: OD color
    Operable frequency: 30-75MHZ

    [Product condition]
    Bought it at the auction (main body) before and prepared it as a set. It is a working product.
    It is 2.5W ~ output by amateur radio (50 ~ 54Mhz)
    It’s been a long time since it was manufactured, but unlike amateur radios. Manufactured with MIL spec
    Since it was made, there are not many failures. Even if it breaks down, it can be solved by replacing the unit.
    However, we cannot guarantee the operation in the future.
    * Set components
    1. 1. PRC-77 military radio
    2. 2. Handset
    3. 3. Speaker
    4. Antenna (long) (AT271)
    5. Antenna (short) (AT892)
    6. ANT base with earth peg (F60918)
    7. Unused backpack (new)
    Since it is old, please use NC / NR.
  • Thank you…. Sell As Is

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