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MIlitary Scarce AN / PRC-174 HF Manpack Transceiver SSB / AM / CW Working


MIlitary Scarce AN / PRC-174 HF Manpack Transceiver SSB / AM / CW Working
Price: US/1600
Availability: Immediate
It is a military HF transceiver. Although it is an HF Manpack transceiver, there is no antenna or battery box attached to the side of the main unit. The mode can be operated with LSB / USB / AM / CW. The output is SSB with a peak of about 20W.
There is no problem with sending and receiving in the test at the time of listing. However, we do not guarantee future operation.
The reception test was confirmed by switching to the IC-7200 alternately. You can receive it in much the same way. In addition, the signal of S9 of IC-7200 is PRC-174 and four LEDs light up. Since the maximum number of LEDs is 5, the display of the received signal is about this. I think that there is no problem with SSB transmission as shown in the photo. The output of AM has been confirmed. I think CW will connect the key to the connector, so it has not been tested.

The exhibition is a PRC-174 main unit, H-250 handset, and a DC connector for general use for testing. The power supply voltage is DC-24 ~ 28V. The power connector is marked with (+) (-), so make sure you connect it correctly. Be sure to insert the fuse.
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