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The MOXON H6-TIGER is on a two element Yagi with the tips bent 90 °, which reduces the side size by 75% but without using coils.
Measuring just 210x78cm in size, this design is ideal for those who need a compact antenna and versatility for use in the field, as the H6-Tiger uses the antenna kit’s exclusive QUICK FIT nacelle mounting system. The drive is pre-mounted on the bracket with the exclusive EASY FEED POINT System Antenna Kit which greatly reduces assembly time. Separator sides are also pre-assembled. With all the design improvements, this antenna can be assembled in 5-10 minutes.
The Moxon H6-Tiger works in the 50MHz band, it has an excellent bandwidth to operate in different modes.

QUICK FIT System: This system was developed with 3 specific points in mind:
1- Minimize assembly time
2- weight reduction
3- use in the field

In this system, the brackets are shaped the same as the square nacelle, providing a perfect fit and alignment. The fixation is carried out by means of 02 3.5x10mm stainless screws.
This mounting system dispenses with clamps (U) which greatly increase the weight of the assembly and take longer to align in a round nacelle.

EASY POWER POINT: this system was developed to connect the coaxial cable to the antenna power point. It consists of a milled UHF connector and a fin for grounding. This fin is the same shape as the connector which is milled on the sides, which makes it impossible to twist when the cable is connected to the power point.

Technical characteristics:
Frequency: 50,100 MHz
SWR: 1.1 (50.0 Ohm)
Z: 45.426 + j1.06 Ohm
Elev: 8.1 degrees (Real Earth: 10.0m high
Ga: 11.89 dBi = 0dB (horizontal polarization)
F / B: 19.63 dB; Rear: azimuth 120 °, elevation 60 °



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